Caroline Francis
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Caroline Francis

You know how some people complain of bleeding gums when brushing their teeth and / or bad breath. This can affect their confidence and smile and how they relate to other people. Which means that they don't have close contact with people and lack confidence. Well I can advise on cleaning procedures to enable them to remove the plaque and debris which causes this problem, as well as scaling and polishing of teeth, giving them more confidence and a nice smile. The benefit of which is you will not feel self-conscious in close contact situations.

Everyone knows when I enter the building because I’m loud and proud of it! I have been a hygienist here for many years, and have enjoyed seeing many of your babies grow into interesting people.

I am very fortunate to have a profession that I enjoy. My favourite moment is when advice that I have given, to sometimes sceptical patients works, especially when they may have struggled for years to resolve their discomfort. I love going to the gym and socialising with friends, and try to see the positive side in everything as negativity is a waste of energy.

Caroline Francis Dental Hygienist EDH. GDC Reg. no 2250

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