Linden Dental Centre
Our promise to you...

To help you keep your teeth in excellent condition for your whole life and minimise future treatment.

To fully explain all treatments and options in advance and to provide written estimates.

To give you alternatives and recommend options, but leave the final decisions completely with you.

To give excellent value for money. Our fees reflect the high standard of care we provide.

To make sure that you are completely satisfied with each stage of the treatment.

“All the suffering in the world arises from cherishing oneself. All the happiness in the world arises from cherishing others. Treating other people gently, sincerely, compassionately-this is the source of true personal happiness. This should not be considered a religious matter. I believe it is a basic requirement of human beings. And our very existence, I believe, is based on these human qualities” Dalai Lama

I welcome the reminder calls, the generous time slots and above all the continuity of the staff who aim to provide a very personal service that I feel is strictly for my benefit. Mrs GH