Linden Dental Centre
Our Services

Our philosophy
Our philosophy is to provide you with excellent modern dental care in a way that you find as simple and easy as possible. We call this 'Comfort Zone Dentistry'
We love our work and go on lots of training courses to ensure that you have the best treatment.

Our aim
To improve the quality of our patients’ lives by creating and maintaining their oral health and functionally or visually improving their smile's, thus giving them more self confidence.

  • This is the reason for our existence
  • This is what our business is designed to accomplish
  • This is how the practice is on a day-to-day basis

What that means in real life is that we are helping people by:

  • Increasing our patients' awareness of dental health by educating them, thus empowering them to take care of their own mouths [pro-actively]
  • Removing barriers to self confidence that may be present due to poor dental appearance - so that the quality of their lives are not reduced due to the look of their smile.
  • Allowing people to live their lives to the full- eating well, smiling again.
  • Removing pain

Our vision
To be a centre for dental excellence, giving fantastic clinical and customer care. Based on the values of truth, compassion, reliability and excellence.

Customer satisfaction

I cant stop smiling now, so thank-you for all the effort you put in to make me have a better smile! Mr LS