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Looking after your teeth...

Look after your gums now and avoid dentures later
Did you know that the most common reason for losing teeth is from gum disease. Your gums shouldn't bleed, if any other part of your body bled on a daily basis, you would be worried.

The most common signs of gum disease apart from bleeding are swollen gums, gums shrinking away from your teeth and lastly smelly breath. If you have any of the above there is a possibility you may end up needing tooth implants or dentures to replace the missing teeth later on in life. I would much rather you kept your own teeth. From the conversations I have had with some of you, it seems you may not know how easy gum disease is to treat.

If you have regular visits with our hygienists, as well as coming to see me for check up's, my extensive team can continually monitor your mouth and give you the advice and treatment that you need to look after your gums.

We really do have a very special team here. Both our hygienists Caroline and Grecia, have exceptional standards of training. When you visit either of them they will assess and check the health of your gums and then your teeth will receive a really good clean. You will then be instructed on how you can really clean your teeth with the use special brushes and floss if appropriate. These brushes look a little like miniature bottle brushes and you can use them to clean those difficult to reach areas.

It's how you clean your teeth everyday at home that really makes a difference and we can show you how to do it effectively. To show you how important I think it is that you keep your gums looking good,we have a specialist in gums Dr Claudia Brown. This is for those of you who need extra special treatment. Dr Brown will see those of you who have severe cases of gum disease. This can happen to anyone even people in their 20's and 30's.

Thank you for the transformation work on my front teeth. Mrs JM.